Your Referral Group is Your Personal Trainer for Business Networking…

Many people don’t truly get the full value of a referral group. Some think they’re simply a method to try and get others to refer business to them. These people usually fail in referral groups.

The reason? While referral groups are certainly designed to help you generate business through group member referral, even more important, they are designed to…

1) Teach you to be an effective referral networker ( inside and outside of a group).
2) Drive you to be disciplined and active in implementing effective referral networking routines and habits.

When you hire a personal fitness trainer, what are you hiring them for? Couldn’t you create your own fitness routine and schedule? People generally hire fitness trainers for two reasons, 1) to help put a proven fitness program together for them, and 2) to hold them accountable and committed to that program. This is the core value a trainer provides. This is what drives client success. The client recognizes the trainer is going to help them commit to a proven routine and pattern, and build habits they may have a hard time establishing on their own.

Effective referral groups operate in much the same manner. The techniques, methods and rules of groups (meeting one-on-one, minimal referral activity requirements, meeting attendance, reporting, etc.) are proven over 35 years, and are about driving disciplined routine and habit. The groups that follow and enforce these rules and routines, and hold members accountable to them, ALWAYS outperform those that don’t.

If you are a member in a group, think of your group as your business networking trainer, one that will hold you accountable to…

Meet Regularly. Committing to regular group meetings and one-on-ones, forcing you to get into the habit of actively meeting, and working to get to know others in the community.
Passing Referrals. Deliver at least one referral every 30 days, forcing you to stop thinking about yourself, start thinking about others, how you can help them and who you can introduce them to to support THEIR needs.

These simple routines lead to key networking habits, and both are essential in becoming an active and successful referral networker.

If you are a group leader, remember, much like a personal trainer, you’ll create a far more active and effective group  when you…

Train & Educate. Remind and train everyone on the required rules, routines and practices.
Hold them Accountable. Hold everyone accountable to these rules and routines (meeting attendance, one-on-ones, minimal referral activity and inviting guests).

Start thinking of your group as your personal business networking trainer, and you’ll see your group and referral activities pay dividends and generate optimal results.