Your Meeting Venue, Location, Day & Time…

Time of Day
Most groups hold their meetings as either morning (8:00 or 8:30am) or lunch meetings (noon). Each has it’s advantages. Morning meetings usually don’t require food, and are a bit easier to manage as a result. Lunch meetings usually require a venue that either provides food or is easy to cater. Lunch meetings also tend to be a bit more social because of the lunch atmosphere. Some groups do early evening meetings (4:30-6:00p) but this is not recommended unless your group is made up of professionals that prefer evenings and can make meetings.

Day of Week
Tuesday – Friday are best days to schedule your regular recurring weekly meeting.

Venue or Location
In the early stages of group development (less than 10 members), finding a suitable FREE venue is relatively easy, as the group is still small. Public venues such as restaurants, coffee shops, etc. will work nicely. However, as the group grows, finding a FREE venue that can support a larger group can be challenging. Most referral groups are able to address this issue via community support. With the growth of the group comes the growth of connections and local venue knowledge. Usually someone in the group knows of a venue, has a great venue space or has a connection with a local venue provider. Use your groups community knowledge and connections to identify and secure your location.

When selecting a venue consider the following:

* noise level
* seating availability & private space
* wifi access (sometimes needed)
* convenient parking
* dining needs / requirements (if a lunch meeting)

Changing Your Group’s Meeting Day, Time or Venue
Changing a group’s meeting, day, time or venue are never managed by group vote! Group leaders make these decisions on behalf of the group and in the best interest of the group. When considering a day, time, venue change it’s recommended you do the following. First appoint 1-2 people to lead in the effort (a venue/teaim committee) who can identify venue possibilities and their availability. Once you know your options, get feedbak from the group on day/time preferences. Then have group leaders make the decision. You will never please everyone and when you alter your day, time or venue you may lose a few members because of time/location conflicts.