Working to Drive a Weekly Parade of Guests…

Guests, Guests, Guests! All good referral group leaders quickly learn just how important guests are for group and member success. Here are some of the reasons you want to push your group to have a regular flow of guests…

– Guest can account for as much as 20% of referrals passed in a group.
– Guest replenish the group with new energy and connections
– Guests  turn meeting into regular opportunities to mix and meet new people.
– Guest make meetings more fun and interesting.
– Guests become members, and ensure a healthy growing group.

So how do you drive a regular parade of  guests to your meetings?

It’s not magic, but it does requires adherence to some rules, member accountability and making an community / group effort to help drive local awareness and invitation. Below are an assortment of tips to help get your group in a pattern of having 3-4-5 guests every week…

1. Remind & hold everyone accountable to help bring guests. At meetings report on those who haven’t  brought a guest in the last 30 or 90 days. Remind everyone of the importance and need to contribute. Remember people will gravitate to what’s easiest, not what is most helpful to them or others. A little pressure goes a long way.

2. Encourage Everyone to Send Out a Weekly Social Networking Message. The advent of social networking makes it easy for almost EVERYONE in the group to help spread the word. The average social networker has over 200 connections on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Get your group members to help promote your group by simply sending a message each week to remind them to contact their network, and tell their contacts of their upcoming referral group meeting and guests are welcome. Social networking is easy and almost everyone can do it.

3. Create and Distribute Flyers or Group Cards. Many groups create simple tack board flyers or group cards that members can help post on their neighborhood billboards, display in their storefront, or give out to those they know or meet. Ask your group consultant for sample templates.

4. Local Newspapers. Most local communities have local newspapers that frequently post local meetings. Check you local papers. It usually only requires a phone call and or email to get listed on a regular basis.

5. Encourage Member to Attend Local Networking Events. This one’s a double whammy because it offers two benefits. 1) members get attend other events to network and 2) they have a a great opportunity to meet and invite some new people from the networking event. Encourage your members to attend business networking events, and remind them the people at these events are their to meet others in the community, so inviting them to your next meeting is welcome.