Why Groups Use Partner4Leads

Some referral group leaders sometimes ask, “why should we use Partner4Leads” or “Why have a Partner4Leads Group, versus an independent group.” If you’re unfamiliar with the details and requirements in running an active/effective referral group this is a logical question.

There are a three (3) major reasons groups use Partner4Leads instead of trying to run an independent group…

1. Eliminates / Legal Accounting Requirements & Liability. Anyone who’s ever run or managed a referral group understands that FREE referral groups just don’t work. The reason is simple, you get unqualified, uncommitted members. Having a member or user fee ensures you weed out the desperate professionals, and get real business owners who have clients, business and a minimal level of success.  Once you realize this, it requires charging members a fee to ensure you get the right people. Here’s the rub, the moment you start collecting fees from people in your group, you assume certain legal and accounting responsibilities and liability. Some independent referral groups will setup 501c non-profit status for their group. This requires a significant amount of paperwork, and has strict requirements to maintain a board, key directors and tightly regulated accounting procedures. If you don’t choose the 501c non-profit route, someone in the group will have to assume primary legal accounting, responsibility, liability and work. This creates multiple issues; 1) All it takes is one unhappy member or user to call the IRS or file a complaint, and your part-time referral group / marketing channel has turned into a full-time headache. 2) If the primary accounting / liability holder in the group leaves, someone new will need to step-up and take their place, and all the responsibility that goes with it, this often leads to group collapse because no one wants that level of responsibility. Groups use Partner4Leads to eliminate the collection of member fees, and all the legal / accounting compliance headaches and liability that goes with it.

2. Automates Effective Group Reporting & Member Management. If you are familiar with how successful group are run and the difference between active and inactive referral groups, you’ll understand the importance of group and member reporting. Strong, active groups use reporting to create member contribution transparency, which creates member accountablity, and drives member activity (attending meetings, bringing guests and passing leads). The reality is that groups that don’t understand, or use reporting to hold members accountable are generally very weak groups! Once you understand the importance of reporting and how to use it correctly at meetings, and in your group, you’ll recognize the second major reason groups use Partner4Leads. Manually maintaining and managing group reporting and member information is very time consuming and labor intensive. The Partner4Leads platform was designed to automate and streamline group / member reporting and management. Groups that use Partner4Leads get automated real-time reporting and member management that removes the need for group leaders to spend hours every week manually entering reporting or member data. Do you want to spend upwards of 15 hrs a month acting as data entry or trying to manage reporting for a group?  To learn more about the importance of reporting and how to use Partner4Leads automated reporting, view the article: Using Your Group Report to Drive an Active Group.

3. Provides Group Marketing, Materials, Education, Training & Ongoing Support. Anyone who’s ever been in a high performing referral group knows that running a “SUCCESSFUL” group isn’t as simple as getting 10-12 people together once a week to meet. Succesful groups  (those that pass a lot of leads) actively use member activity reporting, pro-actively educate and train members, market their group, and take the time to try and make it better.

Partner4Leads is a company focused on building, supporting, marketing and aiding the development and operation of effective, local referral groups.  That’s all we do, and it includes…

  • Group Marketing: Partner4Leads actively markets the Partner4Leads network of groups on the Internet and across Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Craigslist and other leading networks. Member dues go to marketing the Partner4Leads groups around the country. Many of your members and guests have come as a result of the Partner4Leads online marketing.
  • Group Management Materials, Education and Training: Partner4Leads provides group management binders, materials and ongoing communications to support group leaders, better facilitate meetings, and help train members on the keys to success.
  • Networking Events & Summits: Partner4Leads holds multi-group mixers and leader summits to help facilitate local networking, and optimize group performance.
  • Online / Offline Development: Partner4Leads works to develop and deliver new online and offline tools to support and improve the performance of groups; from online leader training webinars, to meeting materials to training articles to online tools to help members cooperatively market one another.
  • Group Consultant: Partner4Leads provides a group consultant for every group. The consultants have been exposed to hundreds of groups, run hundreds of meetings and usually know the ins and outs of making groups effective. The group consultant can help you when you have issues with members, need help in understanding how to use or optimize the available online/offline tools and resources, and is your partner to brainstorm and collaborate with, you to optimize your group.

Partner4Leads is a coop for referral groups that makes running, managing and marketing an effective referral group, easier, more effective, less time consuming and less costly. Once you truly realize what’s involved in running an active, financially compliant referal group, it’s easy to see why groups opt to use Partner4Leads.