WEBINAR: Building Your Insurance Customer Base Through Referral

If you’re a Insurance Agent or Broker, no doubt referrals play an important role in your success. In the world of insurance, over 90% of business comes through referral; and the top 10% of Insurance Agents/Brokers rely almost exclusively on networking and referral! So, how do you build a strong referral network, learn to be an A+ networker, and actively cultivate more referral business?


How to Multiply Your Insurance Referral Business
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Attend the “How to Multiply Your Insurance Referral Business” Webinar. Learn first hand from, [Presenter Name] (successful Insurance Agent with [Company Name] and referral group leader) how to create, build and leverage a referral group that multiplies your referral business. In this webinar you’ll learn…

* What a Referral Group Is & How it Works
* How Effective Referral Groups Can Be for Farmers Agents
* What You Can Expect in a Referral Group
* How Referral Groups Force You to Be an Active Networker
* How To Create a Referral Group
* The Keys to a Successful Referral Group
* The Best Way to Get Started

About [Presenter Name]
[Presenter Name] is an established Insurance Agent with [Company Name], focused on personal and commercial lines of insurance. She’s also a group lead and co-founder of a Santa Rosa based Partner4Leads referral group, that maintains a consistent 30-member roster. [Presenter Name] combined passion for helping individuals and families with their insurance needs and referral group marketing have driven her to deliver this referral group educational material, via webinar. By providing high-quality educational information, [Presenter Name] hopes to help other Insurance Agent/Brokers realize the power of referral group marketing for insurance business development.