Using Your Partner4Leads Report in Meetings…

Want to have an optimal referral group where members are actively participating, consistently attending meetings, passing referrals, bringing guests and meeting with others? If so, you’ll want to apply these best practices when using your referral group report at meetings.

Partner4Leads makes referral group reporting simple. Group and member activity is tracked,  reported and provided for member and group leaders review. But like any report, it’s only useful if the managers know how to use it, and actually use it. Every successful scaling business uses reporting to evaluate, manage and drive success. Your referral group is no different.

Using your referral group report at meetings will help you…

– Recognize & reward your most active members
– Recognize & encourage inactive members
– Motivate everyone to be accountable contributors in the group
– Drive an active, effective group

Groups that don’t use reporting effectively in meetings typically see…

– More inactive or low performing members
– Lower attendance, fewer guests, and fewer referrals
– A less productive group

The Partner4Leads referral group report gives you instant access to…

– Member attendance over the last 90 days
– Member referral activity over the last 30 and 90 days
– Guests brought by members over the last 30 and 90 days
– Member sponsor fulfillment (members inviting a guest who joined)
– Your group’s cumulative score/rank as a referral group
– Each members cumulative score / rank within their group over the last 90 days

To use the report effectively, bring it to your meetings each week and review the following…

  • List by name the Top 3-4 members who’ve passed leads over the past 90 days, and how many leads they’ve passed. Reward your most active members with recognition and praise.
  • List by name the top few members who’ve brought guests over the past 90 days.
  • List by name,  those who have NOT PASSED A LEAD in the last 30 days.
  • List by name, those who have NOT BROUGHT A GUEST in the last 90 days.
  • Advise the group that a designated group leader or member will offer to meet with low performers to offer guidance on how they can become an active member.

Good Cop / Bad Cop in Reviewing Reporting

While listing top performers at meetings is easy, it’s CRITICAL that you remind those that haven’t passed a referral in the past 30 days, or brought a guest in the last 90 days, that participation is key to success. Have one leader act as the BAD COP (review those on the inactive list).  These groups work when everyone feels accountable to contribute. Many people will gravitate to what is easiest, if not held accountable. Passing referrals and bringing guests requires some work, but it’s also what separates groups that are highly productive. If you use reporting at meetings, remind and hold everyone accountable to contribute, you will see far stronger member and group performance.