Using Your Partner4Leads Meeting Agenda to Run Your Meeting…

To help run an effective referral group meeting, Partner4Leads provides a proven meeting agenda. The agenda is designed to…

1. Help run a simple, turnkey and systematic meeting.
2. Help drive group performance.
3. Help you effectively manage time.

While the agenda may at times seem boring or redundant, understand that it is based on hundreds of groups,  years of proven data and has specific mechanics and purpose. Veering from the agenda will likely lead to a weaker group.

Meetings should last approximately an hour and 15 minutes (give or take depending on the size of the group). The group leader should manage meeting time based on the agenda outline provided.

There are essentially 5 parts to a referral group meeting…

1. The Meeting & Member Introductions (5-15 minutes depending on group size). Meeting begin by passing out the attendance sheet and quick 30 second group, and member introductions. If there are guests in attendance the group meeting leader should provide a quick intro about the group, “we’re a local referral group that meets weekly to facilitate referral lead exchange, you’ll get a sense of how our group works during the meeting,  after the meeting one of our members will meet with you to discuss being in our group and answer questions”. Then the group would quickly go around the room and each member would state, who they are, what they do and who they see as their ideal referral partners. The group leader should begin with introductions so everyone gets a sense of how to do it correctly.

2. The Member Presentation (10-12 Minutes) – This part of the agenda is not used until a group has 10 or more members. Once a group has 10 or more members, each week one member presents a 5-7 minute presentation, with 2-3 minutes followed by Q&A. This allows members in the group to learn more about one another and allows everyone to more deeply elaborate on their services and how they may better support them.

3. Member & Group Reporting (10-20 minutes depending on group size) – There are two steps to the reporting phase, first you go around the room and everyone states what they’ve done since the last meeting (I passed a referral to so and so, I received a referral from so and so, I brought a guest today, I had a one-on-one meeting  with so and so, or if one has done nothing, “I haven’t been active since last week, I’ll work to be more active”). The second phase of reporting has the group meeting leader use the Partner4Leads Referral Group to report to 1) the top three people in the group passing referrals leads the last 90 days and how many referrals, the top people bringing guests the last 90 days, those who have NOT passed referrals the last 30 days and those who have NOT brought guest the last 30 days.

Note: This is probably the most important element of each meeting, and often is the difference between really strong groups and marginal groups. Group reporting recognizes top performers, calls out weak performers and holds ALL accountable to contribute. It’s the driving force that requires all to be pro-active in there referral networking efforts. If you do not implement effective reporting and accountability at meeting you will have a marginal group!

4. “What am I Working on” Round Table (10-20 minutes depending on group size) – In this phase of the meeting the group leader quickly reminds everyone of the process/purpose of this exercise, “we are going to go around the room now and allow everyone to talk about, what they’re working on, marketing that they’re doing, things they may need help with, or useful introductions… The purpose here is to share information with others in the group where they may be able to support you through their connections or collaboration.” Each member would then have 30-60 seconds to talk about what they are working on,  need help with, or types of introductions that would be useful. Again the group leader should begin the round table to show others how to do it.

5. Post Meeting Guest Breakout ( 5 Minutes, with Guests Only ) – After the, “What am I Working on” Round Table, the group’s member director should lead the guests out of the main meeting for 5 minutes to review the group rules, answer questions, collect business cards (in case you can’t read the attendance sheet) and determine who would like to be in the group.

Note: Use the second page of the meeting agenda in the group breakout session to review the group rules, and present the benefits and requirements of being in the group in the best light possible. The second page of the Partner4Leads agenda is designed to help you convert guests to members, so use it when meeting and presenting to guests.