The Key’s to Driving an ACTIVE Referal Group

All referral groups are not the same or equal. Some are phenomenally successful – generate an enormous amount of referral business, and consistently have a parade of guests at meetings, and others never achieve any distinction.

As a group leader you probably want to know what’s the difference between a phenomenal referral group and mediocre one. Having looked at hundreds of referral groups we’ve found the great ones have 3 things in common…

1. They follow and commit to a proven process. Referral groups have been around for decades and the methodology and processes of the good ones are proven over time. Groups that succeed stick to the proven program and processes (whether it seems redundant or boring, or not). Groups that languish usually try to re-invent the wheel and don’t stick with what’s shown to work (they veer from the proven agenda, try changing processes, don’t adhere to the use of reporting, etc.).

2. They hold everyone accountable. The reality is most people will gravitate to what is easiest. Having one-on-one meetings, trying to pass a referral or two each week, and coming to meetings takes work and commitment. It requires a conscious effort on the part of the member! But, if you don’t do these things, and hold members accountable for doing them, your group will be mediocre at best. People gravitate toward what is easiest, not what is best for them. Like a personal fitness trainer, a referral group holds people accountable for doing the things they must to see referral group results. (See article: Your Referral Group is Like Your Personal Trainer for Referral Networking)

3. They are run by a strong group leader team. Items #1 and #2 above will not be achieved without item #3, a strong group leader team. It takes discipline to commit and follow a proven process consistently, and it takes initiative and management to keep others in the group accountable to the rules, program and process.

Referral groups are proven to work, but they require work. If you commit to these things as leaders you’ll see a phenomenal group. If you don’t you will see a group that does not achieve it’s potential!