The Benefit of Being a Group Leader

There are many benefits in being in a referral group, but one of the lesser recognized benefits is the opportunity to take a leadership role. Referral groups are community driven and managed by a team of members, so everyone has an opportunity to take leadership role.

When you take a leadership role you…

1. Get an opportunity to practice your communication and leadership skills. Studies show that one’s communication and leadership skills are the #1 factor in success, yet few really work to improve these skills. Acting as part of your group’s leadership team, gives you an opportunity to practice these skills with a captive audience – speaking at meetings, encouraging and motivating a team, managing people.

2. Help ensure you are part of a strong, effective group. The reality is group’s are generally only as strong, active and effective as there leadership. When you sit on the leadership team you play an integral role in driving the success of your group and its effectiveness.

3. More referral opportunities. Leaders often get more referral leads from both members and guests because they get more communication time and exposure to both members and guests. The more familiar members are with you, the more comfortable and driven they are to make you one of their primary referee’s.

Recognize and embrace that leadership is an opportunity to improve your skills, drive a highly active group and optimize referrals for yourself and others.