September Networking Events

Partner4Leads Activity FeedThe month of September is filled with some unique event happenings, as well as the usual event activity at Partner4Leads. We have new group kickoff events in San Francisco, Sunnyvale and Sandy, Utah, and a happy hour mixer event in Santa Rosa, CA. For more info about these various events, see our Eventbrite listings.

Sunnyvale Success Partners Kickoff Event
Fog City Business Group Kickoff Event
Referral Business Now Kickoff Event
Happy Hour for the North Bay Masses


First impressions really matter

We love this post meeting message from Lindsey Ehrlicher of the M.A.G.E. (aka Santa Rosa Leads Group). Note Lindsey’s attention to first impressions, as related to representation at your referral group meetings. This one makes our “Messages that Matter” file.

Good afternoon,

Santa Rosa Leads Group (aka M.A.G.E.)Happy Thursday to you all! I look forward to seeing each and every one of you tomorrow at the Finley Center.

Do you have a guest coming? I sure hope so as I love to meet other business owners/professionals in the community and I also love seeing our group grow. That can only be done by inviting guests and introducing them to Partner 4 Leads. With our new venue, there is no shortage of space and parking so lets pack the room full!

From Rob’s post meeting follow up I was surprised to see about 7 members that when un-noticed with no representation; our group is generally good at finding and having subs. Another thing to think about, when you as a member, invite a guest and you tell them how great of group we have at X amount of me members, then they show up and there are only 18 members present, it could potentially be a first impression that they aren’t impressed with. We all get one shot at a great first impression so lets continue to try to have someone there to represent us when we can’t make it. Reach out to other members as well for help, that is what we are all here for!

See you tomorrow,

P.S. NO MEETING next Friday the 24th in observance of Memorial Day!

Lindsey Ehrlicher 707-718-2116
Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

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