Your Referral Group is Your Personal Trainer for Business Networking…

Many people don’t truly get the full value of a referral group. Some think they’re simply a method to try and get others to refer business to them.  Learn to make your referral group your Business Networking Trainer and you’ll see optimal results…

Understanding Who Your Ideal Referral Partners Are – Why It’s Important!

(Article) One of the keys to making a referral network pay dividends is to make sure you surround yourself with your “IDEAL” referral partners. Learn who those professionals are and why you want to make an extra effort to connect and invite those professionals to your network or group.

Closing Referral Leads

(Article) When you receive referral leads from those in your referral network follow some simple, proven rules and practices to optimize turning those leads into jobs and clients.


How to Work a Room “Making the Most of Networking Events”

(Article) Networking events can be a great source for referral partners and introductions to new clients, but what you get out of an event depends on understanding how to work an event. Follow these proven guidelines to make the most of networking events you attend.


Become a Referral Center & Generate More Referrals

(Article) Want to generate more referrals from your business partners and your clients, learn to become a referral center…