Why Inviting Guests is So Important!

When we look at referral groups we frequently find the most successful groups and members in groups tend to be those that put a real emphasis on inviting guests to meetings. Learn the 4 key reasons why it’s in YOUR interest to look to invite guests to your referral group meetings on a regular basis…

Your Referral Group is Your Personal Trainer for Business Networking…

Many people don’t truly get the full value of a referral group. Some think they’re simply a method to try and get others to refer business to them.  Learn to make your referral group your Business Networking Trainer and you’ll see optimal results…

Best Techniques to Invite Guests to Your Referral Group Meetings

Have you ever asked someone if they’d like to come check out your leads group meeting and gotten the reply, “No thanks, that’s not for me.” This is a common response. Discover the best ways to invite guests to meetings…



Great Ways to Find Your Ideal Referral Partners

(Article) To build a powerful, active, professional referral network you have to connect with your ideal referral partners. How do find those professionals? Discover a few simple sources to find your best referral partners…


How to Get the Most Out of a Referral Group

Magnifying glass over pages (Article) Marketing & Referral Groups have been around for almost 3 decades.  Their purpose and objective is simple — create a local business community where members actively work to get to know and support one another through referral. But, to get the most out of a referral group you have to follow a few simple guidelines…


Why “Free” Leads Groups Typically Don’t Work

People sometimes ask me, “why not start a FREE leads group or referral networking club?”  The answer is surprisingly simple — They usually don’t work!

One of the key elements for any leads group, referral networking club or referral marketing program to take root, proliferate and facilitate referral lead generation among the members, is commitment. Commitment to regular in person meetings, commitment to learning about one another/ supporting one another, and commitment to actively referring one another.

The vast majority of  free referral groups that get started usually falter and fail as there’s a lack of real commitment by members. These referral groups tend to have very high turn-over rates, low meeting attendance and little referral lead generation activity — all leading to collapse.

By charging everyone in your community just a little something you tend weed out the “takers” (people looking to receive without giving), create a sense of value among the members, improve meeting attendance, lower turn-over rates and ultimately create more commitment to referral lead generation.

In the world of small business networking and referral marketing giving and getting referral networking commitment is key!

The Power of a Leads Group

A Leads Group (also often referred to as a Lead Group, Referral Group, Referral Groups…) has one primary purpose — helping local business owners and professionals generate referral leads through cross referral.

Leads groups have been around for 50+ years and have always been one of the best ways for business owners and professionals to grow their business. It’s estimated that that as much as 70% of the average service providers business comes from referral.

A Leads group provide a simple, fast, effective way for small business owners and professionals to quickly build a trusted network of partners who will refer their business. Unlike other business networking groups leads groups and referral groups are organized first and foremost to help members generate leads and business through cross referral.

Every small business owner and professional should belong to a leads group or referral group.