Referral Networking Groups In Bay Area

If you are a local business professional looking to implement a cost effective small business marketing program or guerrilla marketing program there’s probably nothing you can do that will be more effective than building a referral network and launching a referral marketing program.

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Don’t see a group in your area? Start a Group of your own!

What’s involved in starting/running a leads group?

Starting and running a new group simply requires a willingness to act as the group’s leader, leading regular group meetings, and managing group membership (approve or decline new member requests), with our ongoing support. Through the Partner4Leads website and platform we help you build, grow and manage the group. To start a new leads group near you, just login to your account, access Your Groups page and click the Start a Group Button. Partner4Leads will then walk you through the creation process, and help you get the new group up and running.

Can I run more than one Leads Group?

Yes, you can run more than one leads group. And running multiple leads groups provides an additional benefit; it’s the only way you can belong to multiple “exclusive” leads groups. We make this exclusivity member exception/provision with group leaders, because they are providing an additional value to the group, beyond simply acting as a referral partner. They are taking on a leadership role to drive an active, effective group. Acting as a group leader for multiple groups requires online approval.

Why might I start a new Leads Group?

Belonging to a Leads Groups is one of the best ways to quickly build a trusted, active referral network. Consider starting a new leads group in your area, if…

  • You can’t find an appropriate group in your area to join.
  • You already have a large network of referral partners that are interested in organizing as a cross referral group.
  • You want to create a special or niche group (focused on referral partnering for a specialized market)
  • You enjoy leading, helping and collaborating with other local business owners and professionals.