Referral Group “Member” Training

Finding Success in a Referral Group

Learn some of the keys to make a referral group payoff for you…

How to Get the Most Out of a Referral Group
Your Referral Group–A Personal Trainer for Biz Networking
Tips for Effective One-on-One Meetings
Why Everyone in the Group Needs to Invite Guests
Techniques to Invite Guests to Your Meetings

Recognize, Find & Add Your Ideal Referral Partners

Learn who your ideal referral partners are, and how to find & add them to your group…

What’s an Outside Lead and Why You Need Them?
Understanding & Knowing Your Ideal Referral Partners
Who’s in My Referral POD?
It’s Not the Size of Your Referral Network
Great Ways to Find Your Ideal Referral Partners
A Simple Technique to Connect with Ideal Referral Partners

Generating More Referrals for Yourself & Others

Learn how to become a more active referral networker and generate more referrals…

Uncovering Referral Opportunities & Offering Them to Others
Attending Events & Working a Room 
Tips on Closing Referral Leads
Four Steps to More Referral Business
Defining What a “Lead”  is in a Referral Group

Business & Member Hacks

Managing Your Partner4Leads Emails
More coming soon…