Referral Group “Leader” Training

Group Leaders & Group Mgmt. Guidelines
Learn the basics of being a group leader.

How to Start a New Referral Group
The Benefit of  Being a Group Leader
The Best Group Leaders & Qualities
Group Leader Roles, Term, Transition, Rules & More
The Key’s to Driving an ACTIVE Group
Why Groups Use Partner4Leads

Growing Your Group
Learn proven techniques to grow your group and multiple your network’s circle of influence…

Working to Drive a Weekly Parade of Guests
How to Convert Guests to Members
Holding Regular Plus +1 Meetings or Mixers
6 Reasons to Invite Competing Professionals to Your Meetings
The Value of Turnover in a Group
Educational Moment Topics *NEW *
Member Referral Program  *NEW *

Group Meeting Logistics & Mgmt.
Learn best practices and proven techniques to optimize group meetings.

Your Meeting Venue Location, Day of Week & Time
Using Your Partner4Leads Meeting Agenda
Using Your Partner4Leads Report in Meetings – Why & How?