Understand Who Your Ideal Referral Partners Are, Why it’s Important…

Who Are Your Ideal Referral Partners?

Your ideal referral partners are professional who sell non-competing, complementary products or services to the same market you do, and are interested in acting as cross referral partners (partners that work to refer one another).

For Example…

  • If you are an IT Consultant your ideal referral partners would also sell tech. products & services to small businesses and corporation. Your ideal partners might include: Web Designers, Telecom. Sales Professionals, Software Developers, Hardware Providers and a wide variety of professionals serving small businesses and corporations with IT needs.
  • If you are a Life Insurance Agent your ideal referral partners would also sell consumer products and services to families and homeowners. Your ideal partners might include: P&C Insurance Agent, Realtor, Mortgage Broker, General Contractor, Chiropractor, CPA and a wide variety of other professionals serving families and homeowners.

Why Do I Want to Add My Ideal Referral Partners to My Network or Group

80% of the referrals you get from other business professionals will usually come from those who are “Ideal” referral partners. The reason: these partners sell to the same market you do and their products or services compliment yours. This creates natural referral opportunities and makes client introduction easy. For example, if I’m a architect and your a landscape architect, introducing one another to our respective clients is easy because our services compliment one another and the introduction benefits the client.

Adding ideal referral partners is a key component in building an active, effective referral network or group that pays maximum dividends to you.