How to Start a New Referral Group…

There are 3 steps to creating a new Partner4Leads Referral Group. Follow the steps (below) and you’ll see an active referral group emerge.

Step 1: Form Your Group’s Core Founding Team
The first step in creating a new referral group is to build a core founding team or nucleus. Your group’s nucleus is made up of 3-4 professionals that understand the value of having an active referral network, and are motivated and committed to building a referral group. The best way to form this nucleus is by simply tapping your own network of professional contacts in the area, or reaching out to a few key professionals in the community. (Tip – Realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, financial planners and those who are good at networking are the professionals to reach out to first. These these professionals frequently wish to start new groups). Once you have a founding team of 3-4 you’ll be ready to start your group.

Step 2: Set Up Your Partner4Leads Group Account
Once you have a founding team and group nucleus, contact us (Partner4Leads) and we’ll add you to the growing Partner4Leads group network, create a Partner4Leads referral group site for you, and work closely with you to grow and facilitate the group.

Step 3: Launch Your Group
Once we’ve setup your Partner4Leads Group Website, and added you to the Partner4Leads Referral Group Network,  we’ll work with you to help you grow and facilitate an active group, providing…

– A Group Website
– Group Marketing & Promotion
– Online Tools to Automate Group Reporting
– Online Tools to Support Member Referral
– Online Tools to Automate Easy Group Management
– A Dedicated Group Consultant & Online Training

With technology specifically designed for referral groups, and years of experience creating and managing 100’s of referral groups we know what works, and we make it easy to create, build, grow and manage an active  referral group.