Group Leader Roles, Term, Transition, Rules & Group Consultant…

Group leadership isn’t a lot of work,  but it does require commitment to a CONSISTENT routine. Your group is managed by a voluntary team made of 4-5 group members who serve a minimum term of 6-12 months, and may repeat terms. There are essentially 2 primary leadership roles in the group, and 2 people in each of those roles (a primary and backup). Below is a quick snapshot of the basic group leader roles, tasks and group leader succession process…

Group Leader Roles
There are two primary group leader roles, “Meeting Leader” and “Member Director or Leader”. Each of these roles ideally has a primary leader and backup leader. The primary leader is responsible for the tasks listed (below) and the backup leader fills in, in the absence of the primary leader.

The Meeting Leader…
– Sends out simple pre-meeting email reminder before each meeting
– Prints out the current group report, agenda and attendance sheet to use at each meeting
– Leads group meeting using the provided Partner4Leads meeting agenda

Member Director…

– Passes out and collects the attendance sheet at the meetings
– Leads discussion & review of group reporting at meetings
– Conducts guest breakout session to cover membership expectations & collect bus. cards for follow-up email
– Completes the post meeting form to record attendance, guest activity, and sent invitations to join group
– Follows up a with guest who haven’t yet joined 3-4 days after meeting

Again, in the event the primary leader in either role is unavailable for the meeting, they should notify and coordinate with the backup leader to assume their tasks that week.

Group Leader Succession & Transition
The group leaders typically serve 8-12 month terms, and may repeat terms as long as desired. When a primary group leader in either of these roles steps down, that departing leader must appoint and train a new primary leader for that role. Often the secondary leader steps up and a new secondary leader is appointed to the team. This process ensures continuity, community management and a smooth succession and training of group leadership. Ask your group consultant for new group leader training assistance, as needed.

General Group Member Rules & Decisions
All basic group rules can be found on your referral group’s website, under the menu selection “Rules”. When you have questions about rules you can refer to that page. In the event your rules page does not answer your questions, you can contact the listed group consultant that appears in your group. Group Leaders make decisions on behalf of, and in the best interest of the group, following the group management guidelines and rules. Again, decisions are made by the group leader team, and are NOT made by group vote.

Group Consultant
One of the benefits of Partner4Leads is that every group is assigned a referral group consultant who is very familiar with the best practices of groups, how to handle situations and help optimize groups. The group consultant is listed in your group directory and can be emailed when you need help.