Group Lead Roles, Terms and Transition

Group Leader Roles

There are three primary group leader roles and a few of supporting roles that make up Partner4Leads leadership team.

Primary Group Lead Roles

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Membership Director

Ancillary Group Lead Roles

  1. Educational Director
  2. Social Director
  3. New Member Mentor Coordinator
  4. Treasurer
  5. Venue Liaison
  6. Secretary
  7. Timer
  8. Presentation Schedule Coordinator

Cross Training

Primary Group Leads leads will cross-train for the purpose being backup to one another. Ancillary Group Leads will also ideally cross-train for backup purposes.

Leadership Directive (Primary Group Leads)

The directive of the Primary Group Lead team is to make decisions on behalf of and in the best interest of the group, always receptive to input from members. When in doubt about group decisions or situations, Primary Group Leads are advised to request the assistance of the Partner4Leads Regional Consultant (i.e. company rep).

Group Lead Roles Defined


The group president is effectively the primary leader for your group, who possess the prerequisite skills needed to manage and effective and productive meeting. Your group president also ideally has great people and leadership development skills.

  • Sends out pre-meeting email reminder before each meeting
  • Leads group meeting using the provided Partner4Leads meeting agenda
  • Prints out the current group report, agenda and attendance sheet for use at meetings (optionally performed by VP)
  • Leads the charge to support group growth and sustainability

Vice President

Your group Vice President is the right-hand group lead to the group President, who ideally posses strong meeting management, organizational, and people skills.

  • Leads discussion & review of group reporting at meetings
  • Completes the post meeting form to record attendance and guest activity
  • Supports the charge to support group growth and sustainability

Membership Director

Your membership director arguably has the best people skills among your leadership team, and uses this skill set to effectively sell the group and recruit a membership directive team. This group leader will also ideally have strong delegation skills.

  • Conducts guest breakout session to answer questions and discuss the “path to membership”
  • Coordinates and participates in guest follow-up
  • Nominates Membership Directive team members
  • Passes out and collects the attendance sheet at meetings

Educational Director

The overall goal of the Educational Director is to enrich the member experience with knowledge. This group leader manages a content calendar of educational topics that are discussed during the weekly Educational Moment of your group meetings. Topics should vary and include tactics for maximizing participation within your group to overall business and marketing topics.

  • Manages quarterly content calendar
  • Nominates member presenters
  • Participates as a rotating presenter
  • Shares pertinent activity and planning with President and VP as needed

Social Director

The group Social Director creates and coordinates extracurricular events such as holiday events, social mixers, etc. This group lead will make recommendations to the group President and VP, as well as solicit membership for ideas.

  • Manages event planning & coordination
  • Nominates and recruits a Social Directive team

New Member Mentorship Coordinator

Your group’s New Member Mentorship Coordinator is part of a team that participates in the mentorship of new members. The team coordinator in this case, makes team member recommendations to the group President and Vice President. It is recommended that groups have one to two new member mentors for every ten group members. New Member Mentors are responsible for giving new members in-meeting orientation and basic website training, and for connecting new members with your Regional Partner4Leads Consultant for extended training.

  • Participates in mentoring of new members
  • Nominates and recruits a New Member Mentorship team


This optional position is filled by an individual with strong organizational skills, and assists in management and reporting of financial affairs for the group. Such affairs may include collection of ancillary funds for paid venue space, extracurricular activities and various other group financial needs.

  • Collects and manages optional ancillary funds for group
  • Reports to the group on ancillary fund status and expenditures
  • Works with Social Director and Venue Liaison on fund requests, as needed

Venue Liaison

Works directly with your venue to ensure that all mutual requirements are fulfilled. In some cases and as needed, the venue liaison also works with your group’s Partner4Leads Regional Consultant on venue related matters.

  • Manages venue relationship
  • Coordinates venue logistics
  • Works with Partner4Leads Regional Consultant, as/if needed


Tracks and enforces time allotted introductions, presentations and meeting program sections. Generally helps keep the group meetings flowing and on schedule.

Presentation Schedule Coordinator

Manages and makes available to the Member Spotlight Presentation schedule. Partner4Leads maintains templates and basic procedures for sharing presentation schedules using Google Sheets.

Leadership Succession & Transition

Primary Group Leaders serve a 12-month term (Jan-Dec). While Group Leads may repeat terms, alternation and/or new group leadership development is recommended. Primary Group Leads are responsible for identifying and recruiting new group leads. Training of new group leads is a collaborative effort between Partner4Leads and the transitioning leadership team. Contact your Partner4Leads rep for additional information.

Group Rules and Best Practices

Your group rules and best practices can be found on your referral group’s website, under the menu selection “Rules”. When you have questions about rules you can refer to that page. In the event your rules page does not answer your questions, contact your Partner4Leads rep for clarification and guidance. Your group rules and best practices can be modified on the group website. The master copy of your group rules and best practices should be maintained exclusively on your Partner4Leads group website.