Great Ways to Find Your Ideal Referral Partners…

Business partnersWe’ve talked before about who your ideal referral partners are, and why it’s so important to connect with them and bring them into your network or group. But you may still be asking, how do I find these professionals?

How Do You Find Ideal Referral Partners & Others to Invite to Your Network or Group?

Think about this for just a moment, you probably have more prospective ideal referral partners and resources than you think. Here are just some of the possible sources you might consider tapping to help find ideal referral partners and those you can invite to your network or group…

Those You Currently Know: Most of us have a least a few professionals we already know trust and refer. Ask them if they’d like to become part your active referral group or network.

Introductions From Those You Know: If you don’t know a professional in a certain field that would make a good referral partner, try asking those you know for an intro to those you want to know. For instance, if you are a CPA and want to add a financial manager to your network or group, ask someone you know if they have intro to a good financial manager.

Professional Directories: Directories are another good source you can use to find and reach out to ideal referral partners. The Yellow Pages, Linkedin, Yahoo or Google Local make finding ideal partners easy. Use the directory to identify a partner, then contact them and ask them if they’d be open to grabbing coffee to discuss being part of your referral network.

Social Networks: LinkedIn gets a second mention here. Facebook, Twitter and the slew of existing and emerging networks can be a great source for ferreting out referral partners. Engage in conversation, and give props to others and you’ll be surprised who you might find.

Finding ideal referral partners isn’t hard, when you know where to look. The challenge that follows is taking the next step.