Closing Referral Leads…

When you get a referral lead from a partner follow a few simple guidelines to take advantage of the opportunity, and help convert the lead to a sale…

1. Timeliness: Don’t wait to follow-up. Your prospects aren’t waiting for you and may be exploring other providers. Responding quickly matters. Studies show close rates go way down the longer one waits to respond.

2. Persistence: Don’t simply call or email a prospect one time and expect them to get back to you. People are busy, and closing leads is very much about helping the sale along and keeping your name at the top of the list for the job at hand. As they say, a squeaky wheel get the grease. Be persistence, but not overbearing.

3. Reference: Always reference who referred you, whether following up by phone or email.  Let the prospect know you are a “friend” of the referrer. This instills greater confidence and trust.

4. Friends & Family Discount (Optional): Consider offering a friends and family discount. This does a number of things… 1) It gives the partner referring you a little more ammunition when recommending you, allowing them to say, “ I have a connection that might be able to help, and I might be able to get you a discount!” 2) It instills greater trust on the part of the prospect 3) It gives the prospect a feeling of a better deal and a perceived benefit to working with you, and 4) It makes the prospect appreciative of your partner’s referral (increasing the odds that this client will look to refer you and your partner in the future).

Remember a referral lead gets you in the door, but it’s up to you to close it!