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This is your weekly member call recording for Monday, 14 Nov 2016

Lincoln Coffee Lounge, coffee meetingIf you’d like to see the rules I referenced in the recording, read this great blog post written by one of our original co-founders.







Leadership Team Succession

Leadership Done Right is Rewarding

Being a leader can and should be a rewarding experience.  The truth about leadership in referral leads groups is that leadership teams can become somewhat stagnant over time.  This is a natural and unavoidable occurrence.  A couple of unfortunate side affects of leadership team stagnation:

  1. Group Leader Burnout
  2. Adverse Effect on Group Dynamic & Growth

Fortunately there are ways to avoid leadership stagnation, the most effective of which is to bring on new leadership team members every six to ten months. Continue reading Leadership Team Succession

Membership Growth

Membership Growth is the Product of Two Components

Growing the membership in a referral leads group comes down to the following.

  1. Inviting Guests
  2. Intentional and Methodical Follow-up

Inviting guests is addressed in one of our earliest posts on creating a guest parade, so the focus of this article will be on the follow-up component.

Intentional Follow-up

Intentional follow-up is driven by your group’s Membership Director and her team.  Your Membership Director leads the charge in follow-up that is intentional and intended to qualify member candidates and bring them into the fold of membership.  Here are a few very important points that your Membership Director will communicate to guests on their first visit, during the Guest Breakout Session. Continue reading Membership Growth

Five Ways to Start a Conversation About Your Leads Group

Redwood Empire Leads Group of Santa RosaThe suggestions below come from Tim Smith, Group Lead for the Redwood Empire Leads Group. Tim sent them out to group members to encourage invitations to their upcoming Plus+1 guest event. Way to go Tim!

Here are 5 ways you might open the conversation, by phone, email or in person:

1) Would you like to meet some people who can help you grow your business?

2) (power partner approach) I know four people who often have referrals for (name the guest’s kind of business).

3) I belong to a referral group that passes a 100 leads a month, and right now we’re looking for (name the guest’s kind of business) to send our referrals to. Would you like to check out whether this group is a good fit for you?

4) (open or at-risk seat) We have an opening for (name the guest’s kind of business) in the referral group I belong to, and it probably won’t be open for long.

5) My referral group is hosting a special networking breakfast event. Would you like to join me for breakfast and meet some people that might have leads for you?

Using Snail Mail to Generate Record Guest Numbers

Lindsey Ehrlicher and her amazing cast of co-leads of the Santa Rosa Leads Group (aka The M.A.G.E.) have figured out how to get 20-plus guests to a Visitors Day event. Lindsey recently messaged her group with a directive that has become standard procedure for planing their Plus+1 meetings. In the spirit of sharing, Lindsey gave me permission to post the content of her email and Visitors Day Letter. We hope you’ll find it inspirational and a valuable resource for planning your next Plus+1 meeting.

Good evening P4L,

Attached is the letter for our Guest Event on March 8th.  For those of you that missed the meeting today, here is what you missed….

In order to attend our fabulous Guest Event on March 8th at Merrill Lynch, you must turn in your 10 letters by February 22nd.  Two weeks from today.  The letter is already written and formatted for you.  All you have to do is insert the name of the guest, insert your name at the bottom and sign.  Don’t forget to put your business card in each envelope.  These 10 people/business’s don’t have to be people your know.  You can google the categories I sent out, Yelp, Facebook, phone book, business card bulletin boards at coffee shops; there are endless ways to find 10 business’s/people to invite.  If you do know the person/business and want to personalize the letter, you’re welcome to.  Just don’t take away what’s there, add to it.  All letters need to be stuffed, addressed and stamped; handed in to Ryan Kelly on the 22nd, at the meeting.

If you know now you will not be there, turn them in next week the 15th.  If something comes up the week of the 22nd and you can’t make it to the meeting, please arrange to drop them off at my office and we will mail the entire batch out on the 22nd.  This is a group activity and we can’t have a successful Guest Event without each and every one of you participating.  This group thrives on each members accountability, not just in this activity, in everything we do.

For those that haven’t participated in our event; having each member send out 10 letters has been proven to effectively grow referral groups and hold each member accountable.  It’s simple, easy and very effective.  On top of this, Ryan will also be creating a Facebook event and an EventBrite, similar to Evite.

I can’t thank you enough for all you do for the group.  The continued success and participation, will lead us to have the best group in Northern California, that is my goal!


The Letter

Does this statement resonate with you?

New business is critical for my job, business, or professional practice. Without it I am vulnerable to financial setbacks and professional challenges. With it I am unstoppable. The income it creates gives me financial independence and stability.

On March 8th at 11:30am you’re invited to a networking lunch to help benefit and grow your business. There’s no charge for the lunch and the meeting is no cost as well.

Where:  90 South E Street @ Sonoma Ave, downtown Santa Rosa.  Please utilize metered parking or available parking on Sonoma Ave.

When:   March 8th 11:30-12 Networking-Complimentary Lunch.
Meeting promptly starts at 12pm and goes until 1:30.

This is a Partner4Leads referral group. We meet at the Merrill Lynch building at 90 South E Street in downtown Santa Rosa on Friday. Normal meeting hours are 11:45-1:30pm, lunch is included.

Your profession is one that our members have identified as a target
for referrals. We are an exclusive group, we only allow one member per profession and we would like to meet you.

On March 8th I can give you an introduction to my networking team of motivated local professionals who like helping and referring people. Bring about 50 business cards and be ready to tell people what you do, what a good referral would be for you and how we can help your business grow!

Make sure to RSVP and let us know you’re coming so we can have lunch prepared for you.


Get an editable copy of the letter here.

Motivating Group Members to Invite Guests

Andertoon cartoon by Mark Anderson imageThe most effective group leads and motivated members, use group communication (and action) to motivate their referral group to invite guests. Below is a recent example of a group leader reaching out to his group’s members and leading by example. In his group email, Tim Smith urges his group to make a final hour effort to bring a guest to their upcoming Plus+1 event.

Subject: Did You Swing the Bat?

I’ve emailed around four people I know about the event. I also stopped at a local coffee shop in Sebastopol and gathered cards, which led to about seven cold calls (all voicemail so far!)

Don’t know if I will have a guest Friday or not, but I’m at the plate swinging the bat every day.

I want to thank those of you who have also put thought and time into helping our group grow by working to line up prospective members/guests. If you haven’t made time to do this yet, it’s not too late. It’s OK if you strike out, but don’t let the opportunity go by without making an attempt. Get out and swing the bat!

See you at 8:00 Friday.


In an email following their Plus+1 event, Tim advised me of the following.

By the way, we had 20 guests today, and it looks like we will pick up 3-5 new members out of it. The room was so packed we could barely move. We couldn’t even seat everyone. There literally wasn’t room enough for chairs and 7-8 people had to stand. It was great!

Tim Smith is a group lead with the Redwood Empire Leads Group and owner of New Paradigm Marketing. His group consistently maintains a membership roster of about 30 members.

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