Become a Referral Center & Generate More Referrals…

Ever notice how the most successful real estate agent always seems to have a recommendation for a local business or service provider when you need it, or how they always seem to be looking to help connect you, if you need anything.

The top real estate agents depend heavily on referral business, and as a result they’ve figured out the key to an effective referral program and getting referral leads. They don’t go around simply handing out business cards and hoping people will refer them. Instead they look to implement a simple tenet into their daily referral networking activity — look to help others with their referral needs and I shall receive.

When you understand this, and make it a core principle of your referral marketing program, and your referral business approach you’ll begin to see your referral network and referral networking efforts generate referral leads for you.

Take this, “give to receive” approach to generating referral leads and referral business, and two things will happen…

First, by looking to help your customers, prospects and contacts with referrals, when they have a needs outside of your services, you will create good will. This good will fosters a stronger relationship and dramatically increase the likelihood they will come back to you for future business, and look to recommend you to their friends (increasing your referral business ).

Second, by referring another business professional you create a reciprocal referral action. Most business owners and professionals are  appreciative when they get referral leads, and as a result they usually want to try and return the favor whenever they can. Looking to give out out  referral leads and business referrals to those you know and trust pays big dividends over time!

You want to implement effective referral marketing,  build an effective referral network or referral program, start by becoming an active referral center and looking for opportunities to help your clients and contacts and generate referral leads for those in your referral network. Soon you’ll see how successful real estate pros generate 90% of their business –  through referral!