A Simple Technique to Connect with Ideal Referral Partners…

Once you know who your best referral partners are and have identified a few of those people, use a simple technique to reach out to them and ask them if they’d like to connect….

First, send them an email and tell them, who you are and what you do (keep it short), and then mention that you sometimes need a good (whatever their profession is) to refer clients to.

Then ask them if they’d be willing to grab coffee. Many professionals will say yes to this because you’ve framed the request in a way which is beneficial to them – you may be able to refer business to them.

Once you meet you’ve take then first step in building a connection with an ideal referral partner. After the meeting mention that you belong to a referral group, have a couple of other people that you think might be good referral connections for them, and see if they’d like to attend your next gathering for an intro.

It’s easy, if you know how to do it!