6 Reasons to Invite Competing Professionals to Your Meetings

Many of the strongest referral groups think of their meetings as weekly networking mixers, an opportunity for everyone to invite and  meet new business owners and professionals in the community. With this in mind here are 6 reasons to encourage everyone in your group to invite guests in any profession, whether that profession is filled in your group, or not…

1) Meeting More People. Your meeting is a weekly networking mixer to meet new people in the community, don’t limit that by excluding certain professionals.

2) Better Meetings. Having more guests at meetings creates more energy, regardless of whether guests are in professions already filled in group, or not.

3) Not Really a Conflict. Members in your group aren’t going to refer a guests over you, if you are an active member. There’s no trust, confidence or benefit to refer a guest over someone you know, meet with regularly and who is an active referral partner in your group.

4) Getting the Best Members. It puts pressure on members to be active, or they may get replaced by a guest that wants to be.

5) More Referrals. Guests are a source of referral for everyone, some groups report guests account for up to 20% of referrals passed

6) Future Members. Even if you don’t have a current opening for someone in a given profession, you can  refer them to another group, or put them on your wait list.

Inviting guests in any profession, whether the profession is filled in your group or not, is win-win-win. It leads to more networking, more referrals, better meetings, more active members and a stronger group!