Spreading the Word About Your New Business

I’m always asking new subscribers and community members the following question.

What’s your #1 biggest challenge right now when it comes to growing your business?

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One of our newest community members responded – “My biggest challenge right now is simply spreading the word about my new practice. I’m a start up right out of school…”

Similar responses I’ve heard from other community members include:

  1. One of my challenges for growing my business is exposure to new people…
  2. My biggest challenge right now would have to be getting the word out about my business…
  3. My biggest challenge currently is that I’m new to the area and don’t know anyone…
  4. The hardest part of growing a business for me personally has been starting in a new career in a area…
  5. My number one challenge right now is name flow. I don’t have much of a warm market…
  6. The biggest issue now is getting more quality leads for our product.

Here’s what I suggest to those of you operating service based businesses or who provide other services that require good old fashion person-to-person / people-to-people / face time–and I’m not referring to the iPhone app.

Networking is going to be a huge factor in your initial success. Here are my thoughts on your best options, and in no particular order. Everyone has to find their own jam, so to speak.

Attend networking events – Use social sites such as Meetup.com, Eventbrite.com and Facebook to find events in your area.

Organize and host your own events – You don’t necessarily have limit the event themes to your industry. Branch out a little. People are not surprisingly interested in things like art, photography, gardening, and more.

Join a networking organization or group – Whatever group you choose, be very actively involved. It’ll get you noticed.

Create a networking group – As an example, starting your own leads group or mastermind group. Even if you don’t successfully get a group going, the exercise of pitching a group is going to get you in front of more people.

Volunteer – Do this because you want to make a difference, but also be sure to introduce your self and be very actively involved.

For questions about any of these tactics, you can always reach me via our Facebook or Twitter (@partner4leads).

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