Connecting and Staying Connected for Business Longevity and Life

Connecting and staying connected is important to business longevity. Connecting is about inviting people into our business lives, our communities, and our weird personal worlds. We hear a lot about authenticity these days, and that’s what we’re talking about here, at least to the extent that when we connect the right way, we let people in on the proverbial inside. We give them a glance of who we are, something that only insiders get to see. Connecting also presents opportunity for friendship, collaboration, and growth, both personal and professional.

It’s a unique time we live in, because we’re able to maintain connections like never before, both online and offline. While we can give much thanks to social media for this, it’s by no means all about social likes and follows. Even so, social has arguably improved the means by which we can connect offline. Social event sites like, Eventbrite, and others, bring the power of event promotions right to our inboxes. And though we have a twisted love affair with our inboxes, we can’t life from within them. Thank goodness we have so many events to choose from, events at which we can connect and reconnect. Social media, along with email marketing, also empowers us to knowledge-share & give, give, give value. Everybody loves real value. Social and email also affords us the ability to maintain existing relationships and to build new ones. It’s amazing, if you stop and think about.

Social’s obviously not enough though. We also need a little enthusiasm where connecting is concerned. Because I’m so intwined in P4L, I can use referral leads group content as an example and reason for enthusiasm. Active referral groups are built upon quality relationships, referral activity, presentations, and educational components. People are typically impressed and amazed by all of this when visiting your group for the first time. They’re impressed because they see potential for personal and professional growth. Plus people LOVE community. This gives great reason for enthusiasm when connecting, but there are many other reasons to muster up genuine enthusiasm. It could be what your business is doing, what a friend’s business is doing, or something remarkable in your own personal life.

Another component in all this is serving. You can serve by connecting others to your business, your communities, and your peers. Most people embrace the idea of connecting with others, especially when it’s to people who inspire them. So we can easily and enthusiastically look at connecting and staying connected as an act of giving and serving. When we do this, it gets much easier to bring people into our weird personal worlds, our businesses, and into your communities.

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Roberto R Hernandez

Marketeer, Musician & Author