Success Stories Featuring Rob Mokry

As we continue to celebrate the successes of our members, we recognize another great submission in our Success Stories campaign. This one comes from About Rob Mokry of Farmers Insurance and his group, which he affectionately named The M.A.G.E. (aka The Most Amazing Group Ever).

Rob Mokry Insurance Agency-Farmers Insurance

“I had moved to CA in May 2010 because my girlfriend’s (now wife) work brought us here.  By November 2010 I started my own business here in CA, and found my Partner4Leads group in May 2011.  Knowing that marketing is one of the major keys to any business that is trying to grow, I joined the group I was introduced to, and have been completely blessed with everything I have received from my group ever since that day.    Not only has the group passed me many WARM leads over the last couple of years, most of which have turned into business, but the relationships I have developed with the members are absolutely priceless.  Since I had no family or friends in the area, this group immediately became my circle of influence, and an extended family within the first couple months as far as I’m concerned. P4L is way more than just a referral group to me.  It is an extended sales force for my business, but most importantly it is a family to me.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are not alone in business.  Anyone who owns their own business knows it’s not an easy venture; but when you have a family of professionals behind you helping along the way, nothing can stop you. When it comes to life, you will usually get what you give, and I will always give 150% to my P4L Family.  Thank you for being one of my most powerful tools in growing my business!  You have truly been a blessing to me personally, and professionally. I’m overly grateful.”

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Roberto R Hernandez

Marketeer, Musician & Author