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Greg Seifter, Matco Construction & RestorationIn July, we announced a success stories contest in which we asked members to share with Partner4Leads members and the business community at large. While we knew this was a great way to obtain some wonderful testimonials, we knew that said testimonials would act as a powerful selling tool for member groups. As we said at the outset of the contest, success stories are extremely useful for attracting guests and new members for referral groups and member businesses.

Without further adieu, we’d like to share the winning submission, which comes from Greg Seifter, General Contractor, Matco Construction & Restoration.

“I am a charter member of the M.A.G.E. leads group in Santa Rosa and joined on Dec 8, 2010. I had 3 reasons for joining: the economy was still in the throes of the recession, so any additional work would be beneficial; networking was new to me, so this could be a good way for me to market my business and become a networker; and personally & professionally, I wanted to develop my speaking & presentation skills.

I’ve closed 26 deals over that span and most recently, converted a lead into a $125,000 remodel.  To be sure, the lead was huge; but the relationships I’ve developed within my group mean as much to me, if not more, than such a significant lead.  Our group has been, and continues to be, successful; and it makes me feel good to know that I’ve helped to make that happen.

I estimate that leads from within my group, and additional word-of-mouth referrals from those, make up approximately 5-8% of my business; but the friendships I’ve developed during this time are very important to me.  Being on our leadership team has also helped me grow professionally and although my speaking and presentation skills have improved dramatically, I know they will continue to improve with the support I get from our group.

Joining Partner4Leads is one of the best decisions I’ve made in the 11 years I’ve been in business!”

Learn more about Greg by visiting his Partner4Leads profile page.

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