Five Ways to Start a Conversation About Your Leads Group

Redwood Empire Leads Group of Santa RosaThe suggestions below come from Tim Smith, Group Lead for the Redwood Empire Leads Group. Tim sent them out to group members to encourage invitations to their upcoming Plus+1 guest event. Way to go Tim!

Here are 5 ways you might open the conversation, by phone, email or in person:

1) Would you like to meet some people who can help you grow your business?

2) (power partner approach) I know four people who often have referrals for (name the guest’s kind of business).

3) I belong to a referral group that passes a 100 leads a month, and right now we’re looking for (name the guest’s kind of business) to send our referrals to. Would you like to check out whether this group is a good fit for you?

4) (open or at-risk seat) We have an opening for (name the guest’s kind of business) in the referral group I belong to, and it probably won’t be open for long.

5) My referral group is hosting a special networking breakfast event. Would you like to join me for breakfast and meet some people that might have leads for you?

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