Visitors Day Resource Kit

In recent months, we found that one of our groups has been using an effective old-school tactic for driving guests to their visitors day events. The old-school tactic they use is sending letters. The letters to local businesses are essentially an invitation to the group’s next visitors day meeting. The group’s letter was so well crafted, that we’ve used it to create a template that any referral group can easily use. The template along with a couple of documents outlining a Plus+1/Visitors Day Event have been made available to download.

Plus+1 (Visitors Day) Resource Kit

Letter image from ehow.comThe group that’s using this letter as an invitation has also implemented an accountability component, which essentially holds all members accountable to using the tool. Not only that, each member is being asked to send the letter to 10 different businesses. No wonder their average visitors day events bring between 15 and 20 guests, and yields them 2 to 3 new members, following each event. Beyond the new members, imagine all the new business that’s generated from the connections that are made.

This is a truly powerful and easy to implement approach that can compliment your group’s existing marketing activities. Kudos to Ryan Kelly, Lindsey Ehrlicher and The M.A.G.E. Group (aka Santa Rosa Leads Group) for putting together such a great marketing tool.

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