Top 3 Reasons for Sending a Sub

Sleep is no substitute for caffeineI recently polled leaders from groups that have 20 or more members asking them to share their top three reasons for sending a sub. Bare in mind that these are also among the top reasons that they also advocate the practice.

From Ryan Kelly, Group Leader / Consultant

  1. Proving to the group that I value my seat enough to send somebody in my place whenever I’m not there. By sending a substitute, it proves that I remember that there’s a group meeting happening and I’m expected to be there.
  2. By sending a substitute it allows the membership and group to be exposed to somebody new. It not only expands their circle of influence, but expands the substitutes circle of excellence.
  3. All of the substitutes that are coming to my groups, could eventually see the value of joining a group. Therefore expanding our membership.

From Terri Miller, Group Lead

  1. Gives the group members the opportunity to market themselves and network with someone new!
  2. Gives the sub a chance to check out the group if they are in a field that isn’t represented
  3. New energy in the room keeps everyone on their game!

From Tim Smith, Group Lead

Tip: Choose someone with a business not currently represented in the group and offer them the “opportunity” to sub as well as meet some folks who could help them grow their business.

  1. Your business is always represented even if you’re not there (and you get credit for a guest).
  2. Your sub may end up doing business with someone in the group (which gives you credit for a referral!)
  3. Your sub may end up joining (which gives you credit for a sponsored member)

From Rob Mokry, Group Lead

  1. Most importantly, it will keep you in the forefront of every member’s thoughts.  “Out of sight, out of mind” is a very true statement, and if they aren’t thinking about you…more than likely it will slip their mind when a lead opportunity comes about that could have been passed to you.
  2. Although the guest will more then likely not give be as good at representing you as you would (unless your name is Tim Brown). At least any new guests will hear your name, what you do, and hopefully inquire about your services/grab one of your business cards.  You may do something that they may need or know of someone else who could benefit from knowing you.
  3. It will help you to keep an untarnished attendance record, and keep that member score up!  (Which means a lot to me personally)  It shows to the group that you actually care enough to have your seat represented EVERY WEEK!!!

From Christina Zegrean, Group Lead and recent Partner4Leads Radio Guest

  1. The group member is represented during time of absence.
  2. The group member is exposing another potential member to the power of their networking group…and are potentially able to add a member as a result.
  3. Sending a sub suggests that you care enough about the group…and aren’t just “blowing” it off.
  4. Without representation you are missing out on possible leads/connections.
  5. People need to see you (or hear your infomercial) to remember you.

On a closing note, I know of cases where people ask someone to sub for them, successfully get that person to attend their meeting as a sub, but fail to provide their infomercial and reporting activity. Your sub can’t represent you without this information. That’s missing at least half the point!

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