Motivating Group Members to Invite Guests

Andertoon cartoon by Mark Anderson imageThe most effective group leads and motivated members, use group communication (and action) to motivate their referral group to invite guests. Below is a recent example of a group leader reaching out to his group’s members and leading by example. In his group email, Tim Smith urges his group to make a final hour effort to bring a guest to their upcoming Plus+1 event.

Subject: Did You Swing the Bat?

I’ve emailed around four people I know about the event. I also stopped at a local coffee shop in Sebastopol and gathered cards, which led to about seven cold calls (all voicemail so far!)

Don’t know if I will have a guest Friday or not, but I’m at the plate swinging the bat every day.

I want to thank those of you who have also put thought and time into helping our group grow by working to line up prospective members/guests. If you haven’t made time to do this yet, it’s not too late. It’s OK if you strike out, but don’t let the opportunity go by without making an attempt. Get out and swing the bat!

See you at 8:00 Friday.


In an email following their Plus+1 event, Tim advised me of the following.

By the way, we had 20 guests today, and it looks like we will pick up 3-5 new members out of it. The room was so packed we could barely move. We couldn’t even seat everyone. There literally wasn’t room enough for chairs and 7-8 people had to stand. It was great!

Tim Smith is a group lead with the Redwood Empire Leads Group and owner of New Paradigm Marketing. His group consistently maintains a membership roster of about 30 members.

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