Creating Social Campaigns to Drive Referral Activity

Redwood Empire Leads GroupThe Redwood Empire Leads Group is actively working to help all of its members get more business, not only from referrals, but from online search. Below is an exerpt from the plan that was emailed the Tim Smith (the group’s Marketing Consultant) to members.

With online ratings playing a major role in driving leads today, they decided to leverage Facebook and Yelp as ways to increase two key things that result in lead generation:

SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS- If your business has a presence on either of these social media, it clearly increases the chances that people will find you online. This is either because your business will appear on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a keyword search, or your business category will appear on the first page, and people will find you among the businesses there.

FAVORABLE RATINGS- When people don’t have a direct referral to a business today, their next most reliable source of finding a reliable provider is to look at what others have said. Thus, online reviews / ratings become very important as an indicator.

The group’s social media campaign targets “Likes” on its members’ Facebook Pages and reminds members that they may want to be active onon Yelp. Post reviews if you had a positive experience. Monitor your own Yelp Page. If you don’t have one, consider claiming your business and establishing a Yelp presence for your business.

Goal: Increase the number of favorable Yelp reviews members enjoy


1. Prepare a Quick Guide to Using Yelp- addresses how to sign up, how to post reviews, and create public awareness of your businesses Yelp page, etc.
2. Distribute a Yelp Survey / Action Plan- They distributed a member survey to establish a baseline measurement. It also included steps members could take to improve their business’ Yelp presence, and that of other group members.
3. Support Members in Taking Action- In addition to distributing the information and survey / action plan, members could request help in implementing their Yelp actions and goals.
4. Measure and Report Progress- The group plans to issue another survey to gauge the success of their efforts.

The Sept. Survey / Action Plan shows the following (with 20 out of 34 members reporting):

Members who have “claimed” their business page: 12

It’s no wonder this group has over 30 members!

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