Timing and Structure Tips for Group Meetings

Egg timer imageTiming and structure are at the core of a good referral group meeting. Here are three helpful tips for improving your group meetings.

Time introductions: If you have 12 in attendance and everyone gets a 60-second introduction, introductions will use about 7.5 minutes of  meeting time. Introductions can be as short as 30 seconds, so just do what makes sense as your membership and guest attendance grows. Designate an official time keeper. Find a good smartphone timer apps with fun options for buzzer sounds, or be old-school and tap a glass with a utensil.

Have your members sound-off during group reporting: In round-robin fashion, members should let the group and guests know if they did any of the following since your last meeting:

  1. Gave or received a lead
  2. Brought a guest to the meeting
  3. Had a 1-on-1 with a member (or guest)
  4. Sponsored a new member
  5. Have a testimonial for another member

Always be the trainers: The most highly effective group leads are always reminding and training members to stick to the program. Introductions are for just that (introductions), testimonials should be given during group reporting and marketing for upcoming events should be discussed during your open discussions. Most members (and guests) need gentle reminders that the meeting has a structure and runs best when sticking to the schedule and program.

Do these things, and your meetings will run smoothly, be more productive, and will impress your guests.

Published by

Roberto R Hernandez

Marketeer, Musician & Author