Santa Clause visits Partner4Leads in August!!!

( August 25, 2011) Today Santa Clause made a guest appearance at the Wine & Leads Referral Group Meeting. I know Santa in August, how could it be? In truth it was Christopher O’Neal, a celebrity impersonator. Check Christopher out! He does some great impersonations (

While we were shocked when we discovered it wasn’t the real Santa, Chris did remind us how these groups are about meeting new people in the community. When you and everyone in your group brings guests to meetings, you don’t know who you will meet, or where it will lead. I’m sure Chris never knew it would lead to this article, or the connections and referrals generated.

Marketing, networking and growing your business are about being in circulation. If you and your group aren’t making a conscious effort to bring guests and meet new people in the community, you’re missing a golden opportunity — to extend your circulation in the community, grow your connections, drive more referrals and have great meetings .

Tips On Bringing Guests

– Get in the habit of trying to invite someone to your group each week. Doesn’t matter if they join the group or not, or if they are an ideal fit for a group. In large part groups are about meeting and connecting with new people.

– Remind and encourage all members at meetings of the importance of meeting new people.

– Invite guests even if their someone in their profession in the group. The reason, they may have referrals for others in the group and it keeps all members active as inactive members will be replaced by those who want to contribute.

– When you invite people, don’t think that you are trying to recruit them into your group, simply remember you are inviting them to meet other people in the community that might be great networking connections for them.

– Use your social networks to invite people. A few days before each meeting drop a quick message out to your social network (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter). Let your contacts know you have a great referral networking event coming up and want to see if anyone else would like to go.

– Invite any new business people you meet during the week.

– Schedule a Plus +1 Meeting every couple of months. Set a date for your group, a couple weeks out, get everyone to commit to having a guest, and remind everyone 5-6 days before the meeting they need to be working on a guest.

Yes, Inviting guest requires a little effort on your part, but if you make that effort on a regular basis, while I can’t promise Santa, I can promise you will see great things from your referral group – more networking, more referrals and great meeting energy.