What’s an Outside Lead and Why You Need Them

What is an outside lead?

Very specifically, an outside lead is a referral to someone who is NOT a member of your group, but who has direct interest in services provided by a member of your group.

Here’s a specific example.

Member A, we’ll call her Annie, is your group’s Photographer. She specializes in photographing people, and even more specifically, loves working with professional musicians.

Member B, let’s call him Hunter, offers Copy Writing services as a member of your group.

  • Hunter knows a professional musician by the name of Michael (NOT a member of your group)
  • Michael is looking for a photographer to do promo shots his band’s upcoming tour
  • Hunter tells Michael about Annie, highly recommending her photography services
  • Michael expresses interest in connecting with Annie.
  • Hunter introduces Annie to Michael

That is an outside lead!

photo: Two professionals walking

Another example is involves a referral to someone who is of direct strategic interest to a member of your group. You can learn more about this type of referral by checking out this blog post.

Here’s why you needs outside leads.

You can refer yourself to other members to your hearts content, but doing only this will limit the growth potential of your business and the businesses of your co-members. It will also limit the membership growth potential of your entire group, predicated on the fact that the value of a group is largely measured on the quality of referral lead activity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with members doing business with one another. In fact it’s encouraged; but the fact remains that real and ongoing sales growth comes by way of outside leads. This ongoing sales growth in turn raises the value proposition of membership and the group as a whole.

Your group and P4L is a relationship first community, based on a philosophy of abundance and giving. Give outside leads to others, and the universe will send outside leads your way. This assumes your also giving lots of value to others and that you’re really good at what you do.

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Photo of women in bakery business

Morning Routines and What I’ve Learned from Them

Two or three years ago I was introduced to a book called The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod.  That book got me to shake up my own morning routines.  Over time, I kept hearing more and more about morning routines and rituals, including the routines our planet’s most successful and productive.  Turns out that the highly successful and uber productive all have morning rituals and routines, some more consistent than others, but they all have them.

Morning routines & rituals, Miracle MorningAdopting and trying new morning rituals has really helped me start my days off with a much better mindset than when I payed no attention whatsoever to the first 30 to 60 minutes of my day.  For me, the introduction of specific routines has made a noticeable difference in my life.  Here are my current morning routine and rituals.   Continue reading Morning Routines and What I’ve Learned from Them

Ask Better Questions and Listen More

Asking better questionsThe topic of asking better questions came up recently in conversation in the context of having productive 1-on-1 meetings.  The person with whom I was having the discussion suggested that everyone talks about asking better questions, but so few people do so.  He went so far as to ask me what questions should we be asking?  That in and of itself is a tough question.

In the setting of a 1-on-1, where I’m trying to learn about someone’s business and their specific customer needs, I typically ask the following two questions.

“Tell me about a project you’re currently working on, or a client with whom you recently worked?”

The response will give me a better picture of the business in question (and the business person). Continue reading Ask Better Questions and Listen More

Generating Outside Leads

Everyone loves doing business with fellow group members, but the real value of a referral leads group is getting (and giving) referrals from outside of a group’s membership. This means that you’re being referred to the clients, prospects, friends and family of your fellow members. When this happens, you’ll know you’ve reached the mother load of trust and respect.

The Key to Receiving Outside Leads

Three women in meetingHerein lies the key to receiving outside leads–trust and respect. This key can elude some. Sometimes it’s merely lost between two individuals. Trust and respect in this context can be a challenge. For example, if I refer you to a client of mine, I expect follow-through and awesome customer service. Continue reading Generating Outside Leads

Your Personal Brand is an Extension of Your Reputation

A savvy online marketer I know says that personal branding is what people say about you when you’re not around.  That guy is a witty and bright entrepreneur by the name of Chris Ducker.

Coffee meeting, better one-on-one meetings, 1-on-1Not long ago, I self-published a book.  At the outset of my marketing efforts, I picked up a great idea from the author and online marketeer Jay Baer, who’s had phenomenal success not only with his latest book, but with his online marketing business as well.  Jay’s idea was simple in premise, albeit a bit time intensive.  Continue reading Your Personal Brand is an Extension of Your Reputation

Leadership Team Succession

Leadership Done Right is Rewarding

Being a leader can and should be a rewarding experience.  The truth about leadership in referral leads groups is that leadership teams can become somewhat stagnant over time.  This is a natural and unavoidable occurrence.  A couple of unfortunate side affects of leadership team stagnation:

  1. Group Leader Burnout
  2. Adverse Effect on Group Dynamic & Growth

Fortunately there are ways to avoid leadership stagnation, the most effective of which is to bring on new leadership team members every six to ten months. Continue reading Leadership Team Succession

Membership Growth

Membership Growth is the Product of Two Components

Growing the membership in a referral leads group comes down to the following.

  1. Inviting Guests
  2. Intentional and Methodical Follow-up

Inviting guests is addressed in one of our earliest posts on creating a guest parade, so the focus of this article will be on the follow-up component.

Intentional Follow-up

Intentional follow-up is driven by your group’s Membership Director and her team.  Your Membership Director leads the charge in follow-up that is intentional and intended to qualify member candidates and bring them into the fold of membership.  Here are a few very important points that your Membership Director will communicate to guests on their first visit, during the Guest Breakout Session. Continue reading Membership Growth

Mastermind Groups Not Too Unlike Leads Groups

I recently read an article about mastermind groups and found that they share some attributes and best practices with leads groups. No big surprise, but it’s nice to read it from someone else. Here’s the short list of commonality.

Meet Regularly And Precisely. I (the blog post author, Sid Savara) call this the “nuts and bolts.” Keep to a regularly scheduled time, ensure all members are punctual – and end on time.

Two Heads Are Better than One: How to Accelerate Your Success with a Mastermind Group | From Jack Canfield's website | http://jackcanfield.comMake sure you capture what happened at each meeting – lessons and triumphs, goals, and items you want to keep each other accountable to.

Pick your Partners. A mastermind group (like a referral/leads group) is only as good as the people in it – pick your partners with care.

Agree On Ground Rules. …keep in mind the purpose of setting rules is not to stifle anyone – the purpose of the rules is to ensure everyone benefits from the mastermind group. In referral groups, the rules help with accountability.

Thanks LifeHack and Sid Savara for the great blog post – How to Start a Mastermind Group.

Success Stories Featuring Rob Mokry

As we continue to celebrate the successes of our members, we recognize another great submission in our Success Stories campaign. This one comes from About Rob Mokry of Farmers Insurance and his group, which he affectionately named The M.A.G.E. (aka The Most Amazing Group Ever).

Rob Mokry Insurance Agency-Farmers Insurance

“I had moved to CA in May 2010 because my girlfriend’s (now wife) work brought us here.  By November 2010 I started my own business here in CA, and found my Partner4Leads group in May 2011.  Knowing that marketing is one of the major keys to any business that is trying to grow, I joined the group I was introduced to, and have been completely blessed with everything I have received from my group ever since that day.    Continue reading Success Stories Featuring Rob Mokry